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What's New?

2003-05-21 Alpha release 0.14 of SCons is now available.

What is this all about?

The Jaguar for Python project will apply the best practices and concepts learned from Jakarta Tomcat to Python. In particular:
  • Closely tracking the Java Servlet API, rather than inventing a similar but incompatible python API, will smooth the transition of Java programmers to Python.
  • The chain of responsibility pattern implemented by Catalina Valves is a very useful model for composing web application server functionality.

Jaguar for Python will also serve as a test bed for experimental techniques for creating web content. A dependency management service provides an orthogonal framework for implementing efficient caching of dynamic web content.

At this time, Jaguar is more of testbed than a production server. The experience gained with Jaguar will eventually be integrated into one or both of the excellent python application servers Webware and Skunkweb. If you are looking for a production application server that you can run today, we encourage you to investigate these other projects. If you are looking for a forum to discuss and implement new web server features, please join us.

Feedback Please

If you are at all interested in the ideas discussed above, please talk to me. send email now. I have a lot of things I want to experiment with, but it may be a long time before they are useful to you, unless I know what you consider useful.

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